Best Back Massagers 2017- Reviews and Buying Guide

The shoulder massage mechanism includes a height adjustment to customize your massage

We need to make sure that we take care of our bodies. We need to do this at a young age and just keep on them and make sure they are being looked after.

Our backs are our most important part of our body, as it’s connected to everything else. We need to ensure our back stays strong and is looked after.

Health experts say massages are one way to make sure your back is limber and working well. Yet it can be quite expensive to go get a massage all the time. That’s why you see so many people that have their own roller back massager.

But which are the best back massagers for the money?

1. Homedics SBM-500H Therapist Select Shiatsu One Massaging Cushion with Heat

My personal taste is a homedics back massager. By far the best bang for your buck, and you end up with a product that will be top quality for years.

About a year ago, I got into a minor car accident. It wasn't really that big a deal, a dude in a Honda accent rear ended me at a stop light. But, the accident did give me some discomfort in the areas around my back and neck.

The pain was manageable, but I still preferred to find a solution to my back problems. The Homedics SBM 500H is the back massager I picked up from amazon.

This may seem like a ridiculous claim, but I'm kind of glad I got into that accident. Sounds stupid I know, but I got a decent settlement, and I discovered how wonderfully pleasurable a high-quality back massager is.

This one costs around 200 bucks. Basically, it cost me a couple of work shifts. So far, a back massager has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. And I'm glad I listened to the customer reviews out there, and went with a Homedics back massager. Back massagers that are cheap, do not even come close to providing as much comfort.


  • Two separate massage mechanisms for the shoulder and back
  • The back-massage mechanism has spot shiatsu and width control to provide targeted relief for the back
  • The back-massage mechanism has spot shiatsu and width control to provide targeted relief for the back
  • Both massage mechanisms provide quick heat on demand
  • 6 programs to choose from
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Great price

2. Body Back Buddy Massager

It is very simple and affordable. However, does the body back buddy live up to expectations?

Please make sure that you read this entire post because I'm going to discuss the positives and negatives of this product.


  • Physiotherapists strongly encourage using the back buddy to heal muscle tension
  • Can be used on the entire body (or most of it anyways)
  • Provides strong and powerful support that you can control
  • Comes with a manual on positions that are most effective
  • Excellent customer feedback
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Great low price

The Positives

There are three main advantages to the body back buddy that need to be mentioned here.

The convenience

This product is significantly smaller than most massagers and can easily be placed in luggage or stored in virtually any closet. Which means it is quite easy to use for trips or to take with you for your break at work. Basically, you can use it anywhere that you need a full massage. And it'll fit in your car no problem.

The price

This product retails at around $40. And of course, as you can see it's not your typical massager product that costs several hundred dollars. There really isn't that much cost to manufacture the back buddy. It's simple and easy to manufacture, but that should not be seen as a negative. Just because something is cheaper does not mean that it is less effective. Which leads me to my final main advantage.

The Effectiveness

This massager has been given official praise from 94% of physiotherapists that suggest it can effectively eliminate muscle tension and sore limbs. Although the design work is simple – the back buddy is made to provide pressure on impact better than most other massagers. And significantly better than any pressure a human hand could apply. It's also quite capable of massaging most areas of the body.


Some places are hard to reach

This product is so good, but it can struggle to reach some areas in the back. It comes into contact with your entire body, but certain areas are harder to apply the full pressure. For example, I can only reach about 70% pressure for the side of my torso.

This is just me being nit-picky though. It still can reach virtually every inch of your body. And can give you a refreshing full body massage whenever you choose. I highly recommend this product to anyone. And at $40, the body back buddy is a steal!

Bonus Pro – You can go solo

There are times when we all need a good massage but simply do not have anyone to help us out. There's only so many massage favors you can snag from your friends or partner. But this product is designed for you to massage yourself. Which means you can have a good massage any time that you want. You control the frequency of your massages.

3. Sculptor Body Massager

One of the best massaging products is readily available online – you can affordably purchase the Sculptor Body Massager from

The whole design of the Sculptor product is inherently intuitive for the home user. No matter what body type or shape, this product seamlessly grazes over and comforts aching muscles.

This is one product that you absolutely need to have.

If you have never tried a back massager, you don’t know what you are missing. There are so many different ones that you can find it all depends on the areas you want to work and the price you want to pay.

Why You Should Use the Best Back Massagers

They can cost you anywhere between under 10.00 into the hundreds. Yet the relief and relaxation you get from them is worth every penny.

It can be confusing though as to which one to purchase and which one you will get the most out of.

It may be a good idea to go to your doctor or your chiropractor, if you go to one, and ask them what they would recommend. This would be good as they know your body and can tell you the best roller back massager for you.

Read more here.....

4. Roller Back Massager: Doing some Self Massage

Whenever you intend to do some self-back massage, a roller back massager is a definite tool to have.

The back muscles and bones can be the most overworked parts of the body so they can be discomforting and painful in the long run. That is why periodic back massage is advised to keep your back feeling alright.

A roller back massager is one of many types of massage rollers that aid in doing back massage that is often difficult to do alone. It can be made of plastic, wood or foam and can be of different shapes and sizes: all has the basic capability to knead through your back muscles and bones and create comfort as you massage.

Prices of a roller back massager vary but unlike a whole massaging chair, the price is really very minimal, that is why many people still uses it today.


  • Easy to use roller
  • Relieves stress on the back in just a few minutes
  • Pressure of massage can be adjusted with its use
  • Made with beautifully crafted material with smooth surface for comfort

A roller back massager has different features. Most often they are easy to use short pieces of wood or plastic that can be used for self-massage. Effects of massage can already be felt in minutes. Also, since the material is sturdy and smooth, one can use it for a long while maintaining comfort with its contact to skin.

Why buyers are so in love with Roller Back Massager

The simplicity of a roller back massager is probably the reason why many still use it today. Despite the new cutting-edge massage devices, this durable piece of wood or plastic can deliver the same amount of comfort you can experience with a massaging chair. No buttons or charging and batteries, you are sure to find it easy to use and cost-effective.

The Reasons Why Customers like it

  • It is simple, effective design
  • Low cost
  • Very durable
  • Very effective massage tool

These are the reasons why many still love a roller back massager. It is simply designed in ways that still makes it very effective while maintaining durability and style.

Due to its simplicity, it is low cost and can be brought by almost anyone. And despite all its humble features, it still delivers great amount of comfort when used in a massage.

What buyers hate about the Roller Back Massager

  • A scratch or damage of the tool makes it uncomfortable for further use
  • You need to develop your own massage technique since it is not automatic
  • Also, the device is not automatic so one still need to learn a few massage techniques of his own to make optimum use of the roller back massager.

These reasons are brought about by the simplicity of a roller back massager. Since it is often made by a single material in compact form, a scratch or crack on the surface can make it very uncomfortable for further use, thus purchase of a new one is necessary.


A roller back massager is indeed cost efficient and very durable. Today where we are always on the run for our very hectic schedules, its use may take just too much time. Also, since the tool is small, one can easily misplace it.

Damage on its surface also can be irritating if used further so the tendency is a person may find himself buying the product again and again.

Its most loved simplicity can also bring drawbacks. For those who want to really do massage on their own (as they are not comfortable with it done by a massage chair or therapist) this tool is for you.

For those who have enough time to do their self-massage a roller back massager might be useful for you.

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